2. Creating a Fixing

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Click Create Fixing


The Source Store / Mill is defaulted from the selection you made when you set up the contract, but you can over-ride it here if you wish. The number of available units of the product at the Store / Mill is shown in brackets next to the name. This enables you to choose an appropriate Store / Mill to take your stock from for the fixing.

Click Create Fixing


 You can update any specific details about your fixing next and then create your fixing contract


You can send out a copy of the fixing details via email to anyone directly from the system.

Whilst the fixing is in this status you are able to edit the details should you require to. For example you agree to send 100t of a product to someone but then when you get confirmation of the delivery it was only 99.5t.

You can update the fixing record to show this so that the stock records and invoicing are correct. Once you have the confirmed fixing details entered you then press Move which locks the details and updates the stock records that this stock has now been shipped:


Confirm the Movement


 By Creating the Movement you will get a Movement number to confirm the delivery of stock has been moved.