1. Create a Sales Contract

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The normal workflow on the Sales side is: Sales Contract > Sales Fixing (shipment) > Sales Invoice

You can have multiple Sales Fixings from one Sales Contract

Once you have done a Sales Fixing you can generate a Sales Invoice and email this out to the customer. Should you require to do a Sales Invoice prior to a Sales Fixing (as you would in asking for a deposit for example), you can generate a Value Only Invoice from the Sales Contract. If you do this, you will need to apply a reduction to the Sales Invoice produced after the Sales Fixing for the amount already invoiced.

You can settle in part or in full against a Sales Invoice and the Sales Invoice will show the status of any payments made against it


Note: The system is not designed to be the system you produce regular statements from; that is handled by your accounting solution. Agri-ERP is used to handle the transactional side of the business.

Home > Commercial > New Contract


Select the Customer to create the Sales Contract for


 When you select a Customer, certain data on this screen is then automatically pre-populated as defaults which of course can be amended as required. You are required to complete key required fields which are indicated with bold blue labels.

NB: If you do NOT use the haulier functionality you will still need to set the price to 0.00 


Agri-ERP allows you to record details of a Haulier and Broker, should these be involved in the Sales Contract. Recording a Haulier will automatically generate a Purchase Invoice for the selected Haulier once you produce the Invoice from the Sales Fixing. Recording Broker details will automatically generate a Purchase Invocie for the selected Broker once you produce the Invoice from the Sales Fixing or Sales Contract depending on the options you set within the Brokerage details.

The Store/Mill is your best guess from which you are intending to ship the product from, but you are able to change this at the time of processing a Sales Fixing. This is used within the system to allow you see upcoming transactions for the Store/Mill.

Click Create Draft

From the Draft status you now need to add the products you wish to sell to the customer.


If the customer and product combination has been set up against a price list in the system, when you select the product the UP (Unit Price) will automatically default. You are able to over-ride this if you wish. Input the quantity of stock you require and click Add to add this line to your Sales Contract. You are able to add multiple lines to a contract.


Review the product list for sale prior to Approving


Click Approve and Validate the order once you are happy with the products to Sale.


Once approved you are then able to create a fixing (Ship the products).